About Us

Tshirts For Humans started out by the two of us just deciding we wanted to sell Tshirts.  Friends since college, Joe and John started a store.  Wanting to do everything under the sun, we had no solid goal to accomplish.  While designing our first designs, people kept asking us to fill custom orders.  The business sort of morphed into that and our designs got put aside.  While that wasn't exactly what we wanted, it is hard to turn down money.  After a few years of filling these orders for people and companies, we realized it wasn't making us happy and decided to go back to our original idea.  

Original designs on quality shirts.

This site is the beginning of that dream.  While we want to showcase art from every good artist around, that will have to wait.  We are starting from square one and offering art from only a few artists.  If this works, we will continue to add artists as long as they would like to work with us.  They keep the rights to their designs and make some money off of each sale.  

Please look around and support the artists. Great art is a treasure that we started to forget about.  We promise to not let that happen again.

-Joe Mastroianni

-John Rueff